Our New Cream Wax

November 14, 2016

Our New Cream Wax

My oh my!  I LOVE our new Cream Wax This is definitely my favorite of our finishing coats – its so easy to use and the finish it leaves behind is the best!  It has an amazing silky feeling – like butter :)  And it couldnt be easier to use – definitely a fool proof method to sealing up your milk (or chalk) painted pieces!

So – what is it?

Basically, its like a lotion for your furniture.  In fact, it looks just like lotion, rubs on like lotion and has the same consistency of lotion.  How easy does that sound!  Our Cream Wax is an all natural hemp based product that is produced in small batches from only the best materials.  No toxic chemicals and nasty ingredients to worry about and it works perfectly with our milk paint.  It creates a durable water resistant finishing coat – it can even be used on raw wood.  Its perfect for protecting porous milk paint from dirt and fingerprints.

How to use.  This might be the simplest tutorial ever because i promise, its really that easy!  If you can rub lotion into your hands, you can do this :)

It comes in a squeeze bottle – its about 8 oz worth of wax.  A little goes a very long way – this bottle will last you through several projects.  It may seem like a small amount, but you don’t need much of it at all.   As of now – we just carry it in clear, but we will soon have it in both black and brown – cant wait!

After i have finished sanding my piece and wiped away all the dust, i gather my supplies.

All you will need is your Cream Wax, a lint free cloth and i like to use our wax brushes to apply the cream and make sure it gets into all the nooks and crannies of the furniture.  It also makes the wax go further as its not being absorbed into a towel.  So – i would definitely recommend using a brush when doing an entire piece.

Then, i have done the next step a couple of ways.  I normally squirt the wax out onto the furniture directly in random spots here and there.  Just a tiny amount – you don’t need much.  Sorry – i didn’t get a pic of me doing it like this!  I normally do it this way when doing horizontal parts.

When im doing vertical parts, like the sides of a dresser, i will squeeze a small amount directly onto my wax brush.  This is all you need for a section – i would say this amount would cover about a 12×12 section.

Then, just take your wax brush and rub the wax in all over your painted surface.  I like to do it the same way as when im applying regular wax and just work it in with circular motions.  You can see on the pic below where the Cream Wax has intensified the color of the paint a bit – it will stay like this even when dry.

Continue to rub the Cream Wax into the entire piece of furniture.  It wont dry on you so you have plenty of time to work with it.  Its an all natural product with no chemical driers in it, so you’ve got time to get it worked into all the paint :)

After you have applied the Cream Wax to your entire surface, give it about 5-15 minutes for it to penetrate and then start wiping it with a lint free cloth, i use our Better than Cheesecloth.  Its super easy to wipe down – remember its just like lotion so its smooth and creamy!  I like to wipe off the entire surface with one side of the cloth to get the majority of it off and then flip the cloth to a dry side and give it one more wipe down.

After you have gotten it all wiped down, its still going to feel a bit “greasy”.  Because it doesn’t have chemical drying agents in the wax, its going to take a bit to dry – overnight is great.  By the next day it should feel smooth and silky.  If its still feeling slightly greasy, you may have applied too much.  I would give it another wipe down with a dry towel to remove more of the wax that hasn’t penetrated into the milk paint.

And thats it!  Its a great product that offers great protection – its perfect for dressers, side tables, hutches, just about anything.  Because it is a wax, its not advised to use on pieces that will get hot or wet drinks set on them (like dining tables) – those could leave behind a wax ring and discolor the wax.  And remember, its water resistant not waterproof so don’t use it outside.  The wax is very durable, but if its a high traffic piece that gets wiped down frequently (like an entry dresser top) you may have to refresh the wax later down the road, same as any other waxed piece.

I hope you guys try it and love it as much as i do!  Our retailers have been using the wax for a few weeks now and they are loving it!  Its my favorite of our finishing coats – i cant wait to get in the other colors!

Oh - and it smells like oranges!!


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