Introducing our Retailer, Rusty Blue Refashioned Furniture

August 21, 2016

Introducing our Retailer, Rusty Blue Refashioned Furniture

Business Name:

Rusty Blue Refashioned Furniture

Business details (location, website, FB, Insta):

Web site in the process of being built.  Im having my 19 year old son come up from Melbourne and help his Mummy build one on Wix as I am really struggling but am persevering.  My 16 year old daughter keeps telling me off about going ahead and spending money on a web site as she has been able to create her own and encourages  me (but getting help from her,  Hhhmmmmm).

 Favourite SPMP colour and why:

I think my favourite SPMP is going to be Galvanised as Im a bit of a grey lover but something neutral will also be on the cards.  Just waiting to experiment.

 What made you become a SPMP retailer?

 Ive decided to be a retailer as I am obsessed with furniture painting and was in need of another business adventure.  My kids are growing up and leaving the nest and I run a bed and breakfast so I can be home and look after them.  Well if they are not here anymore best I get myself a different business that I really enjoy.  Bingo, found it.

 Your ideal dinner date:

 Ideal dinner date.  Whenever my husband cooks.  YOOHOO happens a lot more lately as Ive always got a paint brush in hand and have never enjoyed cooking.

 If I had a day to myself I would….

 If I had a day to myself….. Minus the dog with a broken leg that requires constant supervision at the moment Id be in the garden then painting,  my two favourite things to do.

 What did you want to be growing up

 When I was growing up I wanted to be a trolley dolly.  Hehehe.  Flight Attendant.  Instead I joined the police force.  I did go for a couple of interviews with a couple of airlines (whilst in the Victorian Police Force) but was too tall for some and probably just as well I don’t have a very steady hand.  All the passengers would have been covered with coffee…..  (Wasn’t too steady with a gun either. Thank goodness I didn’t have to use it in a serious situation.)


SO thats just a snip bit of me.  Taaadaa.  Will be ordering SPMP soon and hopefully running some classes in my bed and breakfast Strath Valley View B and B ASAP when my web site is sorted.  My Facebook page is up and running so looking forward to adding SPMP to my journey.

 Love Melissa

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